About Us


A group of friends, Haydar Bazzi, Majed Saab, Moe Hijazi, Fadi Bazzi and others decided on 2009 to start a soccer team and called the sporting Michigan soccer club. The club was registered in the Michigan premier soccer league 2nd division. The main goal was to build a community soccer team for over eighteen players from the metro area and the state of Michigan at large.

For its first year the sporting Michigan soccer club was coached by Majed Saab, the team ended the season in the second place in the 2nd division and was promoted to join the 1st division in the MPSL league. As new team in a very competitive 1st division and because of the luck of experience the team did have some difficulties and ended at the seven place on the 2010 season. New executive administration was elected on the 2011 season from the returning staff: Majed Saab, Jad Alawia and Haidar Bazzi and the new member Jamal Alsaghir who joined the sporting staff.

The new administration decided to recruit a new coach, the goal was to renew the team and put more young and new players and focus on building a team that can compete in the 1st division, the man who was selected for that mission was coach Khalid Ayadi, a coach with high qualifications, strong soccer coach career and with many achievement and championships with all the teams his coached such as ACCESS Eagles, Dearborn united and Ambassadors Academy.

With coach Khaled Ayadi the team did big jump by winning almost all 2011 seasons games in MPSL 1st division, qualified to semi final of the MPSL league cup, ended at the fourth place between 12 teams, and won the Michigan state cup. It